Exclusive Divas – Why Men Buy Sex

Why Men Buy Sex

This may seem like a silly question, but it isn’t so silly to answer. Psychologists from international advocacy groups sat down with 700 Johns in several countries to learn why they decided to pay for sex. The study illuminated some personal stories of loneliness, to pure desire.

Prostitution is a last resort to unfulfilled sexual desires. Rape would be less safe, or if you’re forced to hurt someone or if you’re so frustrated you jerk off all day.”

Men pay for Escorts because they can have whatever and whoever they want. Lots of men go to Escorts so they can do things to them that their partner would not put up with.

The most common reason why men buy sex is to satisfy immediate sexual urge, 21 percent of time men want to select women with certain physical racial and sexual stereotypes such as being submissive, 20 percent hire escorts because they are unsatisfied with their current relationship; and 15 percent hire Escorts because there was no emotional connection or commitment.

This is not the only reason as their are many men with dark desires and fantasies which they cant disclose to their partners and this kind of fantasies can only be fulfilled by paying for the right Escort as in the relationship there is a lot of risk involved in disclosing those dark desires and fantasies to the partner.

Some of those fantasies involve:

  1. Golden Shower
  2. Pussy Licking
  3. Face Sitting
  4. Femdom
  5. Foot job
  6. Bondage
  7. Fetish
  8. BDSM

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